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THe Path Less Traveled

Pathways is a passion project. Beginning as simple curiousity, I was interested in the way trash moves. Be it intentional or not, the habits that humans have developed for disposing of refuse, has had large effects on the environment.
When we decide a place is better suited to be a landfill than a viable habitat, things get messy. In doing so, I learned a lot about the ecosystems cultivated in San Marcos, and the effect that the Texas State student population has on our waterways.
A multidisiplanary project, this work combines found objects (trash), community, sculpture, art history, and design.


Pathways draws its inspiration from 1960’s minimalist art. It is only fitting that the design come from the same era. With this as the main objective, I opted to emphasize the use of primary colors, simple, bold shapes, and clean lines present in the artwork.  

By contrasting a midcentury red with black and white photography, A graphic, ad-like, identity was created.  

Franklin Gothic was designed in the early twentieth century, around the time that plastic was first mass produced, and saw a resurgance in use in the early 1970’s, around the peak of the minimalist art movement. It is primarily used in advertisement.