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How to Help

Helping doesn’t mean putting yourself or anyone else in danger. It does not mean you have to give money if you don’t have it. It does not mean taking drastic actions or going against what you truly believe to be right. 

If you want to help, you can. No matter who you are. This is not a complete list and these are simply my thoughts and thoughts that I have encountered. Take them as you please. 

1. Check on your friends
The news and social media are intense. Having disaster after desaster shoved in your face everyday is draining for all of us. But especially for the black community. Reach out to your friends, aquantances, classmates and coworkers. Knowing that someone cares might mean the world to them. Listen and create a safe space for them to feel their emotions. 

2. Have conversations
No one is perfect. We have all made mistakes and been careless with our words, but that does not define you. Learn from your mistakes and do better. Listen to what the people around you are saying and if it is unkind or if it generalizes whole groups of people, question it. Ask why. 

3. Educate yourself
How many creators who are also POC do you follow on social media? How many black artists or authors, or actors do you see on your timeline? The answer is not enough. There are whole groups of people who are sharing their stories and you are not even aware of their existance. Seek them out. Support them. I have compiled a short list of resources here for anyone who is interested.  

4. Post on social media
You have a platform. Whether you like it or not. If that consists of 15 people or 150,000, they are looking at you. Post about the protests or about the need to police the police. Post about how people can take care of themselves. Post about support and resources or being a part of a community. Just share the information and keep the conversation going. 

5. Donate
If you have the money, even just $5 or $10, give that to one of the many causes that are trying to help. Whether it be to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Protestors, or community rebuilding. Find a part of the cause that speaks to you. 

6. Protest
Go out there. Make a sign or don’t. Stand at the front or pick up the trash as people move in the back. Buy medical supplies, water and food. Put signs on black owned businesses to discourage looting. Make baking soda solutions for tear gas so your friends can take it with them if you aren’t protesting yourself. Be as involved or uninvolved as you want, but do something. 

If you have other suggestions feel free to share them with your friends and I will add more as I become aware of them.