Hi. welcome.

Hi! I’m Leslie

Thanks for checking out my website!
Some fast facts: 
I was born and raised in Texas, just a little north of Dallas.
I like staying busy, I’m always looking for the next adventure and am currently building out a van (#vanlife)  
I really like learning things. From languages to unusual skills and trivia I’ll absorb just about anything. I’m allergic to cats. 

Need to know:
I like to make things. I also have a passion for helping people. I think art and design are a great way to do this, therefore I am focusing my energies on changing the world through unique points of view and my modest abilities in communication. My goal is to make art more accessable to the everyday person and encourage others to explore their own creativity. 

I heartily believe that equality and equity are achievable and am a big advocate of human rights. 

When I’m not busy trying to change the world, I do some light traveling. I like to write, and take care of my dog, Belichick. I’m always down for a good book and I have an aphinity for postcards. 

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